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If you need a little extra room on your next adventure, you need a Cube. 

Handmade using quality materials, the Cube provides additional living and storage space.

Cube is fastened to the camper unit with a zippered awning bag. The bag is mounted to the camper’s existing awning rail. If you require an awning rail, we can add a PVC rail and strong adhesion tape to your order. Bag is removable for travel and storage. The Cube comes standard as an 7′ x 8′ room.


Cube roof and walls are made with durable, UV treated waterproof material.


Zippered roll-up door: Comes standard with additional screen roll-up door.

Screened windows: Three roll-up zippered mesh windows.

Zippered panels: Each Cube comes with three zippered panels that mount to the awning. Add or remove panels as you see fit.

Poles: Two sturdy, adjustable poles and all tie-down hardware included.

Bungee cords: Ensure a snug fit to keep out bugs and the weather. Use the bungee cords and j-hooks to secure panels to the trailer frame.

Dirt flaps: Cube will be sealed off with the built in dirt flaps. The flaps will also shed water away.

 Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for production.

Cube Brochure

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