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We manufacture custom replacement awnings to fit your camper, as well as bag awnings with hardware designed for tent trailers and RVs. We use 13 oz. vinyl material available in beige, black, grey and white. We can also design insulated camper skirts and enclosures using high quality vinyl and mesh fabrics.

We need to have your camper in our shop for the awning replacement but save time and send us your measurements in advance. We can confirm your order, book your appointment and get you a quote and estimated completion date.

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Awning Measurement Form 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What kind of material do you use?
A) We use a 13oz PVC material, it is a durable and waterproof. It comes in solid colours only. 

Q) How do I measure my awning?
A) We need to know the length and projection of your old awning to make a new one. Typically the projection will be 8’ and the length should end up 6” from the end of your roll pipe. We also need to know if you would like the skirt to be scalloped or straight. Or you can use our measuring form that you can download and email back to us. 

Q) Do you offer installation?
A) Yes! Please call our office to schedule a time in our shop.

Q) Do you make add-a-rooms?
A) Yes! We can custom make add-a-rooms for almost any model of camper but we do need to have your unit at our shop in Winkler to get accurate measurements and fittings. Call our office to book an appointment.