Lay Flat Water Hose

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Our layflat water hose is constructed using heavy duty PVC fabric which is thermally heat welded into the specific tube diameter. 


  • Irrigation
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Flood control
  • General industrial
Sizes Available

Pump Size     Hose Diameter    Pressure (PSI)                 

6”                           7”                       50                      

8”                           9”                       35                                        

12”                         13”                     30                                      

16”                         17”                      25                 


*Contact us for custom lengths and sizes.

*Please allow 5-7 business days for production

For Local pick please call 204-325-9548, to place an order.

*If product is Sold Out or unavailable, please contact our office at 204-325-9548

*Colors may vary     

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What size hose do I need? 
A) You want to order a hose that is one inch larger than your pump size in diameter so you can easily slide it over the pump to clamp it on.

Q) How do I fasten the hose to my pump?
A) We recommend using a simple hose clamp available at most hardware stores. Another great local company, General Metal should be able to help you with all of your hose clamp or pump needs.

Q) Can I extend my existing hose?
A) Yes, we recommend laying one hose inside the other and overlapping by a couple of feet. The pressure from the inside hose will expand the first hose to keep it tight against the second hose - no clamping required.

Q) What kind of material do you use for your hoses? 
A) We use a 28oz pvc material that is flexible yet durable enough to use on any terrain.