Rock Boss

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Protect your boat and trailer during travel with the Rock Boss. Our universal rock guard is adjustable for almost any trailer width and length.

  • Universal design to fit almost any trailer
  • Heavy-duty, fully adjustable aluminum frame
  • Industrial strength PVC mesh, ensuring 100% protection for your boat
  • Includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty

*Please allow 3-5 business days for handling & shipping.

For Local pick please call 204-325-9548, to place an order.

*If product is Sold Out or unavailable, please contact our office at 1.800.852.2638

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I mount this system to my trailer? 
A) Our aluminum posts mount to your trailer with an adjustable bracket. The mesh panel slides onto the posts and is tightened using a belt system with hooks and adjustable buckles. An illustrated instruction manual comes with the system for more detail.

Q) I’ve been using my Rock Boss for several years and there are some holes in the mesh panels, can I get them repaired? 
A) Yes, we typically repair small tears in your tarp if you drop it off at our shop OR you can also order replacement mesh panels or any other parts separately as needed. Please call our office before bringing in your tarp. We may also request pictures ahead of time so we can recommend either a repair or replacement.

Q) Can I use my winch when I have the Rock Boss installed to my trailer? 
A) Yes you can! Our mesh panels can be unhooked and moved out of the way so you have easy access to your winch system when you are loading and unloading your boat.